Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Yeah yeah we all know...

... not to leave our dogs in the car during the summer time.

However even so, you still hear stories about it happening. It's even happened with police dogs. People just don't seem to be aware of how fast a car can heat up, even with all the windows cracked open, it only takes minutes for the temperature to start rising.

I found a good video on the internet where an American vet experiences how it feels for himself. 

At the kennels we change our routine during heatwaves. We start the day an hour earlier, feeding at 5am and starting exercise at 7.30am so that the dogs can run and play without getting overheated.

The kennels themselves are nice and cool, and their drinking water is changed and topped up with fresh numerous times a day.

The dogs in the daycare are encouraged to have some rest time in the hottest part of the day.

Sometimes we take them out onto the little paddock where there is a nice breeze and shade from the trees. We like to spray them all with the hose if they are looking a little hot and even have a paddling pool for them to play in.

Jess and the dogs enjoying the shade

Some dogs with white fur need sunblock putting on at regular intervals around the top of their noses and eyebrows to protect their delicate skin from burning.

Henry is one of the dogs who needs sunblock on when he plays outside 

There are also other things you can do to help keep your dog cool on these hot days,  a good groom and hair cut can help them keep cool, perhaps take them for a swim at the lake rather than his usual walk, or put some toys in an empty ice cream tub, fill with water and freeze, and then let him lick and chew at the ice in order to free the toys!

I'm loving having a proper summer this year, as I'm sure everyone is, and with a few sensible precautions our dogs can enjoy the summer along with us.

Stay safe people!