Thursday, 9 May 2013

A big Thank You to everyone...

for all your support and sympathy following Amber's death.
Although we are at peace with it, I feel like I will forever walk around with a little bit of sadness  - a piece missing. We have hundreds of happy memories which we talk about and I think of her daily.
We have laid her ashes to rest in a pot with my favourite tree, with a little grave marker that reads...
There will never be another you.
We miss you Baba
I think her story touched a lot of people because it expressed how just much these dogs mean to us. They really are family and when they are gone they are never forgotten and never replaced.  
and we have been mad enough to do it all again.
Meet Mila (pronounced Mee-la) ...
She is a feisty Border Collie puppy with one blue eye and one brown eye. Very intelligent and cheeky - I have the feeling she is going to rule the roost! She causes chaos constantly and anything not nailed down is a toy!
I'm sure she will provide me with many a blog topic as she grows up too.
We have just started to socialise her in the Doggie Daycare and hope in future she will play as big a part in the kennels as Amber did. I often wish Amber could meet her and teach her some doggie manners!