Monday, 4 June 2012

Woodland View Kennels is building a Doggie Daycare!

This is an exciting week for Woodland View Kennels, as finally our Doggie Daycare builing is being built! We have spent the last few weeks demolishing the old cattery and laying new concrete in preperation and tomorrow is the big day when the building is actually being erected. We are also having a nice new reception too!

Doggie Daycare is perfect for busy owners who work long hours want to make sure that their precious pooch isn't left alone for too long during the day. Dog's can come here and spend the day with us and some canine friends, leaving owners to get on with their busy day guilt free.

The building will be insulated and have heating in the colder months, and suitable flooring so that the dogs can play and rough and tumble without getting injured. We will also have a chill out area, and of course lots of toys to play with! It will be supervised at all times by experienced staff and all dogs will undergo a thorough temperament assessment to ensure that they have no aggressive tendencies.

Our Doggie Daycare will be quite exclusive. We only have avalilability for 10 -15 dogs. This means they will recieve much more attention than some of the bigger daycares around, and it also means that young puppies, elderly dogs, and your shy, retiring types (which perhaps would be overwhelmed surrounded by lots of dogs) will feel much more comfortable.

So if you think you might be interested - contact us asap and book your dog in for a free temperament assessment day, as I think spaces will fill up fast once we're open.

Watch this space for pictures and updates!

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